2nd Chapter Begin

15 Feb

I went a counseling last night, my adviser was remind me to start writing to second chapter,  even I had some note to be revised in previous chapter. The revisions would be around the theory and use of hacker terminology which suggested to be replaced into website defacer which is more specific than Hacker that too general. Yes, it is suits to me, basically I agree to what to be revised. Actually I still a bit confuse with the theory that I would be use. He also suggest me to use track changes, the wishes is every words that you have added would be tracked and more easier to be corrected, and lucky me those things would be done just by sent an email. So, old-school things like face-to-face assisting would not be necessary. I love this part, rather than what my friends have.  Aci says “What, He let you to send him your revision by an email. man, that was great. That the basic of communication and counselling. When you use e-media to communicate each others, otherwise I have to walk around, facing the traffic to the campus. You know how mesh Buncit and Lenteng Agung after work hours.  I wish my adviser like yours.”

Second chapter will describe about resource person. Background, family, peers, education, job, childhood, when he start to use computer from rookie untill being an expert and any kind related with learning process aspects being a website defacer. Oops I’m forgot, my thesis title has been changed to “X: a Website Defacer an Criminologist Perspectives”.


3 Responses to “2nd Chapter Begin”


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